ALERT. Recent lots of Zoologic® Milk Matrix® 33/40 show wide variability.

Recent certified independent lab tests were performed on two lots of Zoologic® 33/40. Zoologic® 33/40 HJ0601ZE showed that the level of fats is 32% rather than the expected and guaranteed minimum of 40% -- which is 20% below the minimum below the Guaranteed Nutrition Analysis (GNA). The lot number shows that Zoologic® 33/40 HJ0601ZE was made on August 24, 2011 based on the Julian calendar system. 

Zoologic® 33/40 UHJ0601ZE was made on the same date – with an additional letter (U) indicating that suggesting that it was a separate ‘run’ or batch. Certified independent lab tests showed that the fat level in Zoologic® 33/40 UHJ0601ZE was at 44%, thus exceeding the minimum by 10%. That extra 10% fat was high but not considered especially problematic.

The weights and carbohydrates of the two lots also varied substantially. A 30% difference in the level of fat in the same product being produced in the same facility and same day and supposedly with same recipe and general amount of ingredients, however, prompts questions.

Rehabilitators should check to see if they have Zoologic® 33/40 HJ0601ZE. If they do, it is recommended that they immediately contact PetAg to discuss a potential replacement or refund since the lab tests show results substantially lower than the minimum Guaranteed Nutrition Analysis on the label for fat.


  Zoologic® 33/40 HJ0601ZE (pdf) Zoologic® 33/40 UHJ0601ZE (pdf)
  Dry Matter (%) Wet Matter (%) (1:2 with water) Dry Matter (%) Wet Matter (%) (1:2 with water)
Solids 94.4 14.1 93.5 12.1
Protein 33.5 5.0 33.3 4.3
Fat 32.1 4.8 44.3 5.7
Carbs 23.9 3.6 10.5 1.4
Wt (in grams) 5.2   4.4  
Kcals (Atwater) 5.19 / TBSP .78/cc 5.74 / TBSP .74 / cc
Kcals (AAFCO) 4.74 / TBSP .71/cc 5.30 / TBSP .69 / cc