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WildAgain Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. was formed as a state non-profit in Colorado in 1992 to help with questions on wildlife and conduct rehabilitation of small wild mammals for the local area, as well to support wildlife rehabilitation in general. WildAgain has since conducted research and training at the state and national level, as well as published on wildlife related topics, including recruiting, rehabilitation practices, health, regulations and policy.



Shirley and Allan Casey


The Caseys began rehabilitating wildlife in 1986. Later in 1992, WildAgain Wildlife Rehabilitation was recognized as a 501c3 non-profit corporation. The Caseys hold a Colorado wildlife rehabilitation license and have personally rehabilitated many injured and orphaned wild squirrels and chipmunks of 25 species.


They have conducted research and presented on a variety of topics, including health conditions of wild animals admitted to rehabilitation, strategies to improve wildlife health and reduce problems, mammal nutrition, rehabilitation practices (i.e.,  feeding methods, caging), management of wildlife rehabilitation facilities, and regulations. Much of this research is contained in the over 100 articles and papers they have published in the rehabilitation community literature, veterinary conference proceedings and other national publications. They have presented at many rehabilitation conferences throughout North America, including the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, the New England Regional Wildlife Rehabilitation, and the Midwest Regional Rehabilitation Group. They have presented over 80 training sessions and workshops at these conferences since 1995.


After publishing on and presenting programs to help rehabilitators recruit, train, sponsor, and retain new wildlife rehabilitators, Shirley developed and coordinated a team of North American rehabilitators in creating a brochure and booklet to help recruit new rehabilitators. These materials are used in most states and provinces by rehabilitators and some wildlife agencies, and endorsed by both national wildlife rehabilitation organizations.

In the early 1990’s, they developed a strong interest in holistic medicine. They have published on how holistic modalities can complement rehabilitation practices and conventional medicine at conferences and seminars, including the NWRA, IWRC, and other rehabilitation groups. In conjunction with holistic veterinarians, they developed and presented one, two, and three day seminars on the use of homeopathy with wildlife.


The Caseys presented a two-day Squirrel Rehabilitation Seminar throughout North America and published the Squirrel Rehabilitation Handbook (third edition published in 2003). They researched and analyzed the wildlife rehabilitation regulations of all 50 states. They presented and published these analyses in 1994, 1999, and 2004. Their research on regulations has provided a foundation for them to consult with state and federal agencies on wildlife policy and regulations. Allan has consulted with 150+ rehabilitation facilities, state rehabilitation associations, and other non-profits to help them acquire their non-profit status and improve management of their operations. They have both attended hundreds of hours of wildlife rehabilitation training at state, regional, and national wildlife conferences, as well as specialized training.

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