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Here is a collection of shorter articles if you only have limited time. Designed to be about 4-5 minutes each to read, many contain links to much more in-depth information should you want to take a deeper-dive into any one topic.



Substitute milk formulas – What went wrong in 2019? (PDF)


Is there a difference between scooping parts vs weighing powder? (PDF)


The results are in - the best milk formulas, products and ingredients


Mother's milk - why it is the starting point for a formula


Formula preparation - resting time makes a difference


Formula preparation - resting time enhances reconstitution (PDF)


Formula preparation - mix with water, not hydration solution (PDF)


Rancidity - what it is and how to detect - (GME testing at elevated levels)


A ‘Fussy Eater’, or Possibly Rancid Food?


  GME® - test results and observations (including rancidity issues)


Labels - reading and decoding


Lot number - where to find it and what it tells you (about freshness)


Which has more lactose - Fox Valley UltraBoost or fresh cream?


Using heavy whipping cream - how much lactose does it really add to a milk formula?


FAQ's on substitute milk replacers (updated February 25, 2020)


√ 'Formula' - is this term misunderstood? Misused? Or both?


What does '33/40' really mean?


Weights vs. parts - what's the difference?


Wet vs dry matter basis - what's the difference?


Formula preparation - update (coming soon)



(Check back often as more of these are coming!!)





Thanks again to those who have supported the milk replacer research for small mammals in rehab! Huge thanks to those who sent financial donations and samples of milk powders. Further thanks to those who gave time for interviews, sharing documentation and records of cases and results, veterinary records, personal observations, and more. Also thanks to those who have asked questions and worked to expand knowledge. It truly has been team effort.

Thanks to all!

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