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The calculator is a series of worksheets that provide the nutritional component analysis for various powdered milk replacer products when mixed with water. The calculator is in the form of a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, so you do need to have a copy of Excel on your computer.  When you click on the link below to the calculator, your browser will likely begin the download process, or it may bring up the calculator in Excel automatically.  Either way, the calculator is easy to use and fairly self-explanatory. If you download the calculator, please check back periodically, as new products and lots may be added from time to time.

1.) Multiple manufacturers, products, individual lots and ingredients.


Previously limited to just a handful of milk replacers produced by one manufacturer, the calculator now provides a selection of over 50 products, individual lots and supplemental ingredients. The user may select up to 6 products or ingredients concurrently from an easy to use drop-down menu when evaluating a formula. The detailed Typical Nutritional Analysis is also provided for each of the individual products and ingredients. The input may be either in volume (parts) or by weight (in grams). Some users prefer to enter the values in grams to alleviate creating inaccurate results because of measurement error.

2.) Allows user to input up to 3 custom products or ingredients.


If the calculator does not already include a specific product, the user has the option to input up to three custom products. The user will need to have certain data about the composition of the product or ingredient (such as % solids, % protein, etc.) as well as the weight in grams of 1 tablespoon of the product or ingredient.

3.) Compares the formula to a study of mother's milk in nature.


The calculator includes species-specific research studies that have previously analyzed the composition of the mother animal's milk found in nature for several species commonly rehabilitated in North America. Multiple studies have been included in the calculator for several species. In most of those cases, an average value is also included in the calculator. This feature also calculates the degree to which the formula is balanced in terms of the relationship of the solids, protein, fat and carbs within the formula.

4.) Allows user to input up to 3 custom mother's milk research studies.


If the calculator does not already include a specific study, the user has the option to input up to three research studies of mother's milk composition. The user will need to have certain data about the composition of the milk from the research study (such as % solids, % protein, etc.).











All of the functionality of the calculators previously listed on this website are included in this new version. It is recommended that any previous version that may have been downloaded should be discarded and replaced with this new version. As these are provided in the .xls version, the workbooks should open successfully when using any recent version of Microsoft Excel on either a Windows or Mac platform.


Click here (Excel workbook .xls)




Coming Soon! Video tutorials for the calculator.

Five short videos describe the functionality of the calculator and how to use it. Simply click on the image above to get started!

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