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Limited Time? Between a Rock and a Hard Place? Check Out These Quick Tips.

Here is a collection of shorter articles if you only have limited time. Designed to be about 4-5 minutes each to read, many contain links to much more in-depth information should you want to take a deeper-dive into any one topic.


Substitute milk products and wildlife formulas - 


√ Calculator update for Cottontail species milk (PDF)

√ Rancidity tests on milk replacers - early 2024 (PDF)


√ Milk replacer testing and new products summary update - 2023 (PDF)


√ KMR (2021) - increased unsaturated fat and elevated rancidity. 

√ Esbilac (new in 2022) - still an instant mix?

√ Milk replacer lab tests (2021) - summary and action steps


√ More on formula issues with FAQ's (2019-2020)

√ Substitute milk formulas – What went wrong in 2019? (PDF)


√ Is there a difference between scooping parts vs weighing powder? (PDF)


√ The results are in - the best milk formulas, products and ingredients (PDF)


√ Mother's milk - why it is the starting point for a formula

√ Formula preparation and mixing guide

√ Milk Powders for Human Babies and Other Mammals Reconstitute Differently. (PDF)


√ Formula preparation - resting time makes a difference


√ Formula preparation - resting time enhances reconstitution (PDF)


√ Formula preparation - mix with water, not hydration solution (PDF)

√ Powdered milk replacer - storage time and temp affect reconstitution

√ Feeding regimen - how many feedings per day (new Jan 2021)


√ Rancidity - what it is and how to detect - (GME testing at elevated levels)


√ A ‘Fussy Eater’, or Possibly Rancid Food?


√  GME® - test results and observations (including rancidity issues)


√ Labels - reading and decoding 


√ Lot number - where to find it and what it tells you (about freshness) (PDF)


√ Which has more lactose - Fox Valley UltraBoost or fresh cream?


√ Using heavy whipping cream - how much lactose does it really add to a milk formula?


√ 'Formula' - is this term misunderstood? Misused? Or both?


√ What does '33/40' really mean?


√ Weights vs. parts - what's the difference?

√ Tips to prevent aspiration in juvenile squirrels (PDF)

√ Wildfire Smoke Impacts Wildlife and Rehab (PDF)

√ Post (Busy) Season Review:  Celebrating Success & Seeking Improvement (PDF)



(Check back often as more of these are coming!!)

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