Preparing Wildlife Formula - Longer Resting

Time Makes a Difference



Allowing 'resting' after mixing can improve reconstitution on average by 90+%


The label instructions on the milk replacer powders used by rehabilitators specify to mix, with the implication that the formula is then ready to be fed to the wild mammals. Many people feed the formula immediately, while others allow it to 'rest' in the refrigerator for 1 to 8 hours before feeding. WildAgain conducted a serious of tests to examine to what extent resting eight hours made a measurable difference. A series of tests measuring the reconstitution of various milk powders showed significant improvement in powder dispersal when the formula was allowed to rest for 8 hours ranges from 67.5% to 96.8%, with an average of 90.6% over all of the samples tested (individual powders and blends of powders). The improvement percentage is compared to the manufacturer's recommendation to simply add water, mix, and then use immediately.



See for yourself


The images below are for the tests of Fox Valley 20/50 (which improved by 96%). Two batches of the powder were mixed 1:2 with water and mixed for one minute. One batch was immediately poured through 3 stacked sieves with successively smaller mesh sizes, capturing any undissolved milk particles that did not fully reconstitute. The second batch was allowed to rest in the refrigerator for 8 hours, and then poured through the sieves. 


The fewer particles trapped by the sieves indicates more complete reconstitution of the powders. Follow this link for images of the other products tested and their performance.

Follow this link for images of the other products tested and their performance.

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