Milk Powder Reconstitution - Improvement with Resting Time 500um Sieve



Resting time post-mix can improve dispersal by 91% average (95% median value)


Based on performing the reconstitution dispersal tests described here, the following table shows the amount of powder retained in each sieve (based on percent of total powder mixed with the water). As shown, the improvement in dispersal when the formula is allowed to rest for 8 hours ranges from 67.5% to 96.8%, with an average of 90.6% and a median of 94.7% over all of the samples tested (individual powders and blends).

Visual presentation of the results


In addition to the quantified results in the table above, choosing the following buttons shows the results for the various sizes of sieves used in the test. The photos show the amount of the powder particles (% of weight) in each trial that was retained (particles too large to pass through) for each of the two time periods. 

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