Resources and Tools for Wildlife Rehabilitators

Welcome to, a place for and about wildlife rehabilitation. This site provides resources for those new to the activity as well for experienced practitioners.


Use the navigation buttons above or click below on one of the major topics to access the tools and resources on a wide range of topics:

General Information - An overview of rehabilitation, what's involved, and how to get involved.


Wildlife Health Considerations - in addition to working closely with veterinarians, rehabilitators need to be knowledgeable in initial stabilization, diagnostics and possible disease. Information is provided on both conventional and holistic options to be considered in wildlife health.


Nutrition - Resources on the specialized diets required for wild animals in rehabilitation. Extensive research on products used for mammal diets. Suggestions on feeding techniques and supplies that have proven successful. A downloadable nutrition calculator is included.


Rehabilitation Practices- A variety of tools, tips and techniques are discussed from the critical use of species-specific natural history to providing strategies to reduce the number of incoming animals.


Regulations and Policy - As a state and Federally regulated activity, it is imperative that rehabilitators understand and follow prescribed rules and guidelines. Multiple surveys of all 50 states regulations are provided.

Updated 5/11/17

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