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WildAgain Wildlife Rehabilitation - Resources for Wildlife Rehabilitators

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A collection of resources that may support your wildlife rehabilitation activities. 

Research. Tools.

Papers. Articles.

General Information. An overview of rehab, what's included and how to get involved.

Benefits of rehab. What's required to get started. Expanding the team: 

recruiting, training and sponsoring.

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Wildlife Health. Information about wildlife health conditions and working with veterinarians.

Teaming with a vet. Common conditions. Info on both conventional and holistic options.

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Formula & Feeding. Mammal milk studies, product lab tests, research and nutrition basics.

Extensive analysis and testing on substitute milk products. Downloadable calculator to match mom's milk & formula.

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Rehab Practices. Tools, tips, techniques and natural history. Plus strategies to help wildlife. 

Proven suggestions on ways to make rehab efforts more efficient and effective. Straightforward and easy to implement. 

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Regulations. Permits and licenses are required to rehab wildlife.

Ways to find out the rules.

It is imperative that rehabilitators understand the Federal and state rules. Surveys of all 50 states are discussed.

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Quick reads. Collection of shorter articles (5 min each!). Faster reads so you can get out and go for a hike!!

A variety of topics in a summary format, with links to longer discussions and research contained in the website. 

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What's new? With 150+ pages and PDF's on this site, it's hard to know what's new. It just got easier.

See a listing of recently added content - and coming attractions.

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